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Soda Pop Mini Kit Freebie!

If you download my kits you know this for me is a mini kit!I intend to add more and make it one of my larger kits later on.I had so much fun making this kit!It’s so fun and funky!
Included in this kit are 7 papers,2 frames,1 slide mount,3 flowers,2 bows,1 ribbon,1 journaling tabs,1 post it sticky,1 paper clip,1 glitter doodle,1 word art.
And i’m lovin the glitter,so i’ll be making some type of glitter elements soon,don’t know what yet though.I’ve started on my baby themed kits.And i’m also working on another boy kit,It’s adorable!Wait till you see it!It’s blues,reds with robots and rockets!
For this kit,I originally thought of the 50’s when i started this and thought of the name “Soda Pop” but then it turned into adding glitter and grunge.It does kinda pop so i’m sticking to that name.I also wanted to thank everyone who posts my freebies on there blogs,I really appreciate it!
You can snag this freebie HERE.
Enjoy and as always let me know what you think!

You can also snag a cute Birthday kit freebie on my friend Teresa’s blog here.

And my friend Michelle will be opening her very own store on Friday over at The Scrapping Garden you can check out her blog here for some sneak peaks of her new kits!

Have a great day!


A Little Preview

I’ve been really busy working on a few new kits.I have tons of ideas going through my head!When i started this blog just under two weeks ago i never imagined it would be such a hit.I’m just in a complete shock!But at the same time,I’m so happy you all enjoy my kits because i really do enjoy making them for you!I’m a very funky scrapbooker,so i try and in cooperate that into my designs in some way.And i can’t say this enough,I really appreciate all the comments and e-mails you all have sent me,thank-you!I’m really hoping to have some great news to share with you all real soon!
Here is a preview of my newest kit i’m working on.It’s called “Soda Pop”It’s gonna be very girly and will have alot of neat things added when i’m done and some glitter here and there.I love the black,white and hot pink color combo and since i did a boy kit,it’s only fair to do a bright fun girl kit as well.

I’m also working on a baby boy and baby girl theme kit.The baby boy kit is baby blues and brown.And the baby girls kit is pink,cream and dark brown.So watch for those!And i just love those little post it notes!So fun!I have one in my boy kit and i had to throw one in this one to.You can find the tutorial for those here.If you use PSP you can pretty much do it in there as well.

Have a great day!


Another Huge Freebie!My Sun Burst Kit!

I finally had a chance to finish up my boy kit tonight.I really like how it turned out.It’s bright,fun and funky and perfect for those little boy pages!This is a huge kit!It has alot of frames in this one,I know how my siggy making friends like there frames!There’s two separate zip files to download.I’m still learning to make my own kits,so i would love to know what you think.Or feel free to send me an e-mail with what you created with my kit.
There are 15 Papers,12 Frames,1 Journaling Block,1 Sticky for Journaling,2 Doodles,3 Funky Ribbons,3 Rick Racks,1 Staple,2 Star Frames,3 Circle Frames,1 Circle Stitch,1 White Bent Corner Frame,4 Rectangle Frames,2 Colored Polaroid Frames,3 Tags,3 Plastic Stars,5 Button Stars,2 Star Elements
And I think that’s about it, enjoy!
You can snag the Papers HERE.
And you can snag the Elements HERE.
Have a great week!
*Updated with a quick layout i did of my silly boy Kayden,He is teething now and wants to chew on everything!But i had a hard time just choosing a few elements because there are so many!So much you can do with this kit!

Two New Layouts

Finally got a chance to scrap two layouts useing my Grungy Valentine Kit.I’m so glad you all enjoyed my first kit, and i really enjoyed hearing your feedback on it.I’m working on a few other things that i hope to have finished up sometime next week.Making these layouts made me realize a few things i could have added to the kit,and also a few things i maybe shouldn’t of added.This is all a learning process for me.I’m hoping to get better overtime.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

This first one is my son Kayden.*Heartbreaker*

Credits-Grungy Valentine Kit by me,Mandy Mystiques.Font is 2 peas Scratchy Toad.Notebook Edge Frames by Katie Pertiet.


And this one is my daughter Kaylee and son Kayden.*I *heart* U.

Credits-Grungy Valentine Kit by me,Mandy Mystiques.

Thanks for looking and be sure to check back for some more freebies to come!

Grungy Valentine Freebie #4!!Last One!

As promised here is the final part to my Grungy Valentine Kit.I had such a fun time making this kit,I threw in a bunch of fun things i tried this time around.I tried out a few different papers so i threw them in there to.The brads have alot more detail to them then shown in the preview.I really hope someone can use all this stuff!Once again thank you so much for all the wonderful comments about my first kit,I really do appreciate them.I would love to see what you make with my kit.Feel free to e-mail me with your creations at!

I think i’m gonna work on a boyish kit next.There’s so many girly kits out there,You rarely see a good sized boyish kit.But first i wanna get a few scrapbook pages done!So that will be my next project.Enjoy the rest of your weekend!And let me know what you think of this last part to this kit.

You can snag this download HERE.


Thank you!!

I just want to thank everyone who left me a comment here on my blog and on 4shared.I seriously didn’t even think that my designs would be this popular.I was even debating whether to even post them.But all your nice comments has given me inspiration to wanna design more!And who knew this little old blog would be the 1# fastest growing blog on wordpress yesterday,I was shocked!But ecstatic at the same time!I’m working on a few final freebies to this kit that i will have up over the weekend and then i will be starting a few other new designs.I have a frame set i’m also working on.Now if my 5 month old would cooperate i’d be all set.If you have any ideas or suggestions for kits,please let me know!And again, thank you so much!I really do appreciate all the feedback!
Have a great weekend!

Grungy Valentine Freebie #3!!

Finally we have papers!!My internet was out all day so i had a chance to play around a little bit in paint shop pro.There’s 10 papers here.I’m new at designing so there pretty plain,but they match the elements.I hope someone can use them.The file size is rather large,but i’m not really sure how to fix that.If anyone can help me with that i’d appreciate it.I’m gonna try to get a few odds and ends added as a final freebie for this kit this weekend so i can start to work on a few other things.Oh,And be sure to check out the two blogs i have listed on the right for some really awesome freebies!
You can snag it here……Enjoy!