Grungy Valentine Freebie #2!!

I was gonna wait until Monday to put this up,but i have so much to get done i decided to put it up now. šŸ™‚
Today’s freebie is a chipboard element pack from my “Grungy Valentine” line.This is only my 2nd time designing digi so i’m a little nervous!There’s 18 elements in this pack.
Included are:
2 Frames
3 Ribbons
3 Chipboard Hearts
2 Chipboard Arrows
1 Cupid Chipboard
2 Buckles
3 Buttons
2 Staples
You can snag them Here.
I hope you can use this in someway.I’ll be adding on a few more freebies to this set during the week,so look for that! Let me know what you think!

13 responses to “Grungy Valentine Freebie #2!!

  1. Mandy – I l ove it! I hope you plan to desgin more!!

  2. Love what you have done so far! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. This is a great kit! Can’t wait to see more, thanks for sharing!

  4. You have some beautiful talent and I look forward to coming here often. Thank you!

  5. wow!!! you’re on a roll now….you have a lot to be proud of…thanks for your kindness to us!

  6. Awesome….TY 4 Sharing….

  7. Love these elements, thank you very much!

  8. this kits is beautiful! thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Neato kit there kiddo

  10. This is GREAT Stuff!! šŸ˜€

  11. I love this kit! It’s my favorite one so far.

    Did I mention I love it! Giggle

    TY so much

  12. You did a great job on this kit, I just love it.
    It is so cute and reminds me of the Valentine’s I had as a kid. Thank you for sharing it. Great Job!

  13. Chelle/WillowRaven

    Nice blog and wonderful freebies – snagged them all! Keep up the good work!

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