Thank you!!

I just want to thank everyone who left me a comment here on my blog and on 4shared.I seriously didn’t even think that my designs would be this popular.I was even debating whether to even post them.But all your nice comments has given me inspiration to wanna design more!And who knew this little old blog would be the 1# fastest growing blog on wordpress yesterday,I was shocked!But ecstatic at the same time!I’m working on a few final freebies to this kit that i will have up over the weekend and then i will be starting a few other new designs.I have a frame set i’m also working on.Now if my 5 month old would cooperate i’d be all set.If you have any ideas or suggestions for kits,please let me know!And again, thank you so much!I really do appreciate all the feedback!
Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “Thank you!!

  1. A big congratulations to you Mandy and I think everyone will agree, your designs are awesome and you have done a wonderful job designing!! Thanks for all you have shared!!

  2. I love this set! It’s so sweet! Awesome designing, thanks for all your hard work.
    You asked for suggestions so here are a couple of mine: camping stuff like tents, campfire, etc. and barnyard animals, like cows, horses, barn, or zoo stuff with little monkeys, etc. These would be great for when we all take the little ones on field trips…Thanks again for your designs! Love them!

  3. Great Valentines set! Thanks so much!
    Susan J.

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