New Kit Dragonfly Dreams plus a Freebie AND a Giveaway!

Here is my newest kit “Dragonfly Dreams” I think this is my favorite kit of mine so far!I just love dragonflies!This is another huge kit with 16 highly detailed textured papers in shades of purples,greens and sand.And over 50 elements.Not all elements are shown in the preview.This will most likely be my last kit until NSD day as I have tons to get done within the next two weeks for NSD day.Dragonfly Dreams will be available in my store shortly.

In the meantime…I’ve decided to to be I’m going to give this kit away to three of my blog readers!All you have to do is post a comment and tell me ONE thing you like most about spring…..i will draw 3 numbers tomorrow night at 8p.m est time and whoever’s post matches my numbers….wins this kit for FREE!

Here are a few samples of what can be done with this kit from my fabulous CT!

“Unique Smile” by Kim (kimbytx)

“Beautiful Dragonfly Dreams”by Kat (Ktanker)

“Happiness is”by Tiffany (TiffanyScraps)

And last but not least here is a freebie for you that coordinates with this kit!
Theres 4 Papers,1 Matt,3 Buttons,2 Frames,1 Flower Cluster and 1 Glitter Splat!Enjoy!
Just click on the preview to download. πŸ™‚

Good Luck and check back tomorrow to see if you won!


75 responses to “New Kit Dragonfly Dreams plus a Freebie AND a Giveaway!

  1. landrees_mommy

    ooo, love the purple and the dragonfly is so cute. Thanks for sharing the freebie too :D.

  2. I’m getting hooked on your designs, I just downloaded your Candy Jar freebie and it is beautiful. So is this new kit, the colors really are dreamy.
    Thanks for all the goodies!

  3. I love dragonflies! Thanks for the freebie!

  4. What I love about spring – the flowers of course! πŸ™‚ I love the weather in the spring too!
    This kit is so beautiful! Thank you so much for the freebie too!

  5. Such a great kit Mandy, and SO easy to use! Love LoVE LOVE it!

  6. BEAUTIFUL kit! thanks for the freebie! I love the crispness, freshness of spring… I also love the budding flowers. It has been so cold here I think spring has forgotten us this year!

  7. Thanks for the freebie, Mandy!

    The best part about spring is playing outside with C. πŸ™‚

  8. I love love love your designs!! πŸ™‚ What I like about spring ~ when we have cooler days, before the bad heat of summer!

  9. This is beautiful and perfect for spring, the best part about it is the weather of course!

  10. DigitalPlayhouse

    Your Dragonfly Dreams kit is absolutely awesome! Thank you for the freebie.

  11. Beautiful kit! What I love about Spring? Sunshine! Flowers! Cherry Blossoms! Get to be outside in great weather!

  12. What I love about spring is is seeing blooming flowers!!! πŸ™‚

    (What a beautiful kit, as usual!)


  13. The best part about spring is the colors. I love seeing the bright greens and pinks and purples of all the beautifl flowers. Your kit is beautiful! thanks for the freebie!

  14. LOVE the new kit! i heart dragonflies too! thanks so much for the freebie πŸ™‚ i love spring b/c i get to air out my house and the stuffiness that accumulated from the winter!!

  15. I love spring, cause it means winter is over. Also because I love the flowers, and the birds chirping, and did I mention because winter is over. πŸ˜‰

  16. By the way love this kit!!!

  17. I’m with you…I love dragonflies too! What I like most about spring is that it’s a sign that my favorite time of year is just a short time away. The days get longer, things start growing, the sun starts to shine again. (it doesn’t shine much here in the Soon I’ll be hiking, camping, biking and maybe just laying in the middle of a lake on my raft. Anyway…that about sums it up. Love the new kit!

  18. That kit is sooo cute!
    My favorite thing about spring is that it is a new beginning. All the winter yuckiness disappears with spring rains, the grass turns green again, baby animals are born, flowers bloom, the weather is wonderful, and it just feels like life has given everything a second chance.

  19. I love gardening. πŸ™‚

  20. Super cute kit! My favorite thing about Spring is the weather change. I am not a fan of cold weather and it cheers me up when it is gone!

  21. I love your kits. Everything you design is awesome. The things I love about spring are the flowers and sunshine, no more snow to shovel. It’s like a new beginning.

  22. I love the song of birds and the butterflies!

  23. Thank you for this beautiful freebie!

    I love the bloomin flowers most!

  24. Hi! This kit is so fresh!
    My favorite thing about spring is all that new found energy we seem to have about gardening, cooking on the BBQ and having friends over! We get out of our “hibernation”.

  25. Purple and dragonflies – two of my favorites. My favorite thing about spring is sending my daughter outside to play.

  26. This kit is so cute! I like the weather the best about spring! Being able to go outside and play before it gets too hot.

  27. Thanks for the freebie Mandy!

    My favourite part of Spring is getting outside to play with my daughters. Just last night it was lots of bubble blowing fun!

  28. I love the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. This is a beautiful kit.

  29. Thank you so much for this lovely freebie. You new kit is gorgeous.

  30. This is gorgeous!!! What I love about Spring is the scent in the air of everything coming back to life outside!! And the flowers in bloom!! Oh and waking up to birds chirpping outside!!

  31. Fantastic new kit, Mandy! Thank you so much for the freebie.
    What I love most about spring is everything being reborn and starting fresh!

  32. This kit is beautiful, thank you for the treat!
    My favorite thing about spring is opening the windows and letting the warm fresh air flow through the house. It is energizing!

  33. This kit is beautiful, thank you for the gift! My favorite thing about spring is opening the windows to let the house air out. Fresh air is invigorating!

  34. I love spring weather and be able to spend lots of time outside playing with my son! I love your stuff! Thanks for the cute freebie!

  35. Thanks for the freebie! I love the color palette and the designs. There are so many things I love about Spring . . . perhaps the oddest would be to see the re-appearance of the turkey vultures from their winter hangouts . . . they definitely lack the cuteness factor up close, but when they soar and glide on the Spring air currents they are as graceful as ballerinas.

  36. Thank you, this freebie will be posted today on Freebie Finder.

  37. I just love seeing the new flowers poke out of the ground in spring. It reminds me of how precious life is!!!

  38. Love the freebie, thank you so much!

    What I like most about spring? Gosh, that’s tough…the smell of everything, so fresh! Seeing the budding plants coming out from the ground. No bugs yet! lol

  39. I love the soft colors in this kit. What I like most about the Spring are the flowers starting to bloom, trees budding and the smell of the air.

  40. Thanks so much for this freebie!! For me Spring is time when nature awakes and it-s just the time to fall in love!!!

  41. I love all the beautiful flowers and trees that bloom in spring! And, of course, I love the warm weather…which we are still waiting on : )

  42. What a great kit! I love the budding trees and sweet smelling flowers in the springtime.

  43. This is a BEAUTIFUL Kit, the colors are great!!! I just love your work. One thing I love about Spring is watching the world fill with color.

  44. The COLOR!! Having lived for 17 years in a climate
    without seasons – I am overwhelmed by all of the color. It almost makes me cry!

  45. Awesome looking kit Mandy!! You do great work! Thanks for the chance at the free kit!

  46. Awesome kit! I love the smell in spring of freshly fallen rain and cut grass! I could go on and on though because I LOVE this time of year!

  47. Beautiful kit!! I love the apple Blossoms & the festivals!!

  48. Wow…beautiful kit, thank you so much πŸ˜›

    For spring… i Love all the flowers and green (grass & trees) … BEAUTIFUL πŸ™‚

  49. I love the flowers an the weather during the spring!! I also love your kit!!!

  50. I feel honored to have a layout on your blog to show off this beautiful kit. What a wonderful opportunity to be on your CT. Thanks for everything Mandy. Can’t wait to play with this freebie. It may be time for me to make another QP to give away…. We’ll see πŸ™‚

  51. I love the flowering trees after looking at bare limbs for months!

    Thanks for the freebie-I love it and the new kit!

  52. mickeybdesigns

    Great looking kit Mandy!

    Spring best for me is finally time to get outside!

  53. I love being able to work out in the yard with my hubby and the robins and red birds in the trees. Thanks for the beautiful mini-kit. It’s beautiful.

  54. ty-love the kit–I love the birds, they always seem to be so happy.

  55. Thanks for the bee-u-tiful kit and freebie! Love your designs. Spring for me is all about fresh air and the colorful sunrises and sunsets! Have a great week.

  56. Thanks for the beautiful freebie!! My favorite thing about spring is being able to go barefoot outside!

  57. I love Spring because of all the bright colors. We are stationed in the desert right now so I’m going to have to go buy some plants to bring in colors and flowers that I know and love.

  58. Thanks for the beautiful freebie.
    One thing I like best about Spring is that everybody’s attitude changes into better and here in Greece the Sun begins to be so bright that you just don’t want to sqaty home at all.
    HAve a nive week and try not to work too hard. It’s spring! Summer will be here soon.

  59. Love this kit!

    I shall tell you what I love about Spring….barbecues…which means my HUSBAND does the cooking! Whoo hoo!

  60. What I love about spring….it’s like a renewal or a rebirth. Everything wakes up from it’s winter slumber and nature comes back to life!

    Thank you for the bee yoo tee full freebie!!

  61. Shadow's Silk

    I love Spring!!! To me it represents rebirth…the songs of the songbirds, the calls of the magpies and the crows and the jays change into glorified noise! Birth and renewal. the trees begin to bud and soon their leaves and flowers create an expolsion of color against the sky. the fragrances of lilacs….this is what your kit reminds me of….
    Baby animals coming into this world, parents busy tkaing care of them. Birth and renewal.
    A release from the cold of winter and the harshness of living in a world covered with white snow and ice and the cold north wind.
    Birth and renewal. The lushness of green, the brilliant colors of the flowers, the deep blues of the sky, the brilliance of the sun, the sounds of a mountain stream.
    This is spring for me.

  62. mary anne.....Texas

    In Texas…Springtime brings all the
    WILDFLOWERS…the Bluebonnets and Indian Paint are breathtaking!
    You find yourself wanting to drive andd drive looking for them. Spring is also a good time to give thanks for another beautiful year to’s just a renewal time for your soul! You wonder what your ansestors thought about the WILDFLOWERS and the
    hardships they faced…and you document their pictures so they won’t be forgotten. I just love Spring….can you tell?

  63. Thanks so much for the freebie. Love the dragonfly kit!

    What I love most about Spring?

    Seeing the earth come back to life after the long winter! Every animal, bird, tree, and person, gives off a special energy. You can almost see their life force glowing!

  64. WOW! That kit is GORGEOUS!! Love the color combo! the dragonfly is so cute too!

    Thanks for the freebie add-on pack!

    I LOVE spring! It’s my fave season! I just love how I can leave the door open all day to let fresh air in & see the new blossoms blooming! My allergies are giving me a run for my money with all the beautiful blooms in the air. Oh well, still loving spring!!

  65. dustiest_bunny

    Beautiful kit, love the c0lours and the name.

    What I like best about spring is not having to wrestle my little one into winter gear just to run to a store. It is so nice to say put your shoes on we are gong out to play and chase bugs. Catching dragonflies is a lots of fun LOL.

  66. beautiful!!!
    My favorite thing about spring… daffodils coming up through the snow…
    my favorite memory of spring…as a girl, wearing my favorite shiny patent shoes to church and crunching in the snow….

  67. What I love about spring? The honeysuckle blooming.

    Awesome kit! I love your designs!!! πŸ™‚

  68. I love the colors..but love the most..the way the pictures stand out side of the frames….would so love to learn how to do that…
    good job

  69. Thanks for the awesome freebie. As to what I love about Spring…the fresh new start of life after the cold chilling weather of Winter. It’s like everything becomes new again.

  70. Thank you for the freebie! I love the purples.

    What I love about spring…Hmmm. I love the warmer weather (but it isn’t yet TOO warm) and watching my flowers begin to bloom.

  71. TY for the beautiful freebie!!! I love the colors. I love spring because the flowers are blooming & the snow is gone!!

  72. I love spring because it is the beginning of the new years birth for flora and fauna

  73. TY so very much for this AWESOME mini!!!!!

  74. This kit is beautiful. I love spring because of all the beatiful pictures I get to take outside with my beautiful kids.

  75. Thank you for the lovely dragonfly gift πŸ™‚

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