New Freebie

Well i just got done watching the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy….I dunno but it seems like it was missing something this season.Not the best season finale i will say that!But i still love Grey’s and will be looking forward to next season.I think with the writers strike everything got screwed up these last 5 episodes.

Anyways……I’am so proud of myself!!I have been able to keep a secret for a few days now and it is just killing me!lol But TOMORROW is the BIG day and i can finally announce where my new store will be.I’m SO excited!!I will be having a few goodies for you and a sale during my grand opening!!I’ll also be having my CT call up on my blog sometime this weekend.I’m looking to add a handful of talented people to my already loyal team of fab gals on board with me now.

I’ve gotten alot of e-mails asking why i left Digital Candy…While i’m not one to air my dirty laundry and my mom always taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say….don’t say anything at all.So i will just say that i’am VERY happy to be away from there.And i have found out who my true friends are through this whole thing…This past week has been great for me and i’am ready to move forward on to bigger and better things so stay tuned 🙂

Here is a freebie i have for you today….Enjoy!


9 responses to “New Freebie

  1. Thanks, Mandy! I’ll be watching for your big announcement 🙂


  2. Thanks so much! Excited for the big news!

  3. Thank you! It’s so pretty! I’ll be looking for your big announcement and your CT call. 😉

  4. Thanks for the lovely freebie, I think everyone will be watching for your announcement & CT call, I know I will be! Thanks again xx

  5. Thanks Mandy! Can’t wait for your new store to open (and see any new stuff you have)!

  6. What a pretty freebie. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to get to work again on the CT.

  7. So, I saw an announcement at this store… about you! Congrats! I don’t want to leak your secret on your blog (although, its out already at you know where).

  8. I just saw where you’re headed next! Very awesome! Congrats Mandy!!! Can’t wait for your CT call!

  9. WOO HOO!!! My hunch was right on the money and I am sure that it felt like “old home” week with the girls at Scrap Orchard!!!

    Wishing you THE BEST always darlin’ and I shall try to get back over there when I get a bit of free time. I LOVE the designer contest that has been going on – TOO cool!

    Hope you are having a RELAXING Memorial Day weekend with your PRECIOUS family!!!

    Linda 🙂

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