Two New Kits…Want to Win One?Plus a Freebie!

I have two new kits for you today!I’ve been on a roll this week!Go me!LOL First kit is Mademoiselle,This kit is very girly and matches both of the previous paris themed gymbo lines!I LOVE gymboree!Kaylee is getting to old to wear it so i will have to live vigorously through the layouts you all create using this kit!lol Now Kayden on the other hand, i can still buy gymbo for,but nothing like shopping gymbo for a girl IMO! O.k next up is a winter kit Frostee.I don’t know about you,but we have been getting snow already!And if you love snowmen as much as i do,your gonna love this kit!My whole house is mostly decorated with snowmen for Christmas.I LOVE Snowmen!

I feel like giving a few of these away,so all  you have to do is leave me a comment an let me know if you will be one of those brave people out shopping on Black Friday next week and what’s the best deal you have ever found on Black Friday?I will draw a few winners!Me,I will be staying home under my warm covers,over stuffed with turkey with my hot vanilla cappuccino shopping online for deals!I just don’t have the patience for the madness!lol

Now onto the kits!
These two new kits on sale at 30% off thru out the weekend.

I also have a freebie for you today that goes with Mademoiselle.Just click on the link to download.Be sure and check back tomorrow for a freebie that coordinates with Frostee!
Check out some of the LO’s my rockin CT made using these two kits!

By Linz
By Michelle
By Tiffany
By Trish


Have a Great Day and be sure and stop back tomorrow!



14 responses to “Two New Kits…Want to Win One?Plus a Freebie!

  1. I wish I could buy gymboree clothes! Black Friday, no way Jose. I usually live for Black Friday, but the fam is doing a debt free Christmas, which means carefully planning purchases. I could be tempted into getting a digi frame for my hubby for Christmas for him to take to work- but we’ve said no gifts this year. I may have to cheat. Can’t wait for dollar deals!

  2. Love your new kits and so glad you are back to designing. Congrats on the new store.

  3. Love those new kits!!! Frostee is my fav…although I have to travel about an hour to even see the snow! LOL The best deal I got on Black Friday was my PSE 6 and Essentials 4 last year for $80. Dh was a doll and went out shopping at 4am that morning to hit a few stores. I haven’t seen any smokin deals that I am dying to get my hands on this year, but I haven’t seen all the ads yet!! I did get some smokin deals on some items already, though. I got my ds a K-Nex set that was normally $50 for $30, and a Ben 10 alien thing for $17, normally $30. And my daughter’s I was able to get a gorgeous wooden dollhouse for $87, when it normally cost $130. Gotta love the discounts already! Of course, if there are smokin deals, dh will be out again since I am 3 months preggo and need all the sleep I can get! LOL Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Love both the kits but Frostee is my favorite! We don’t have Black Friday here in Canada :((( so I can’t tell you of any deals we’ve gotten…LOL…thank so much for the freebie!!

  5. I wish I could tell you what deals I got on Black Friday, except we haven’t got a Black Friday here in Italy! I did win a GPS AND a mountain bike at a local raffle recently, and that certainly was a good deal!
    I will say that I would love to win one of the kits, though!

  6. Thank you for the adorable sampler. I can’t wait for the Frostee one! As for Black Friday…I try to avoid it. I used to be able to use work as my excuse because I always had to work that Friday, but I’ve been a SAHM for 2 years & still don’t go. Dealing with all those crazies that early in the morning just doesn’t sound like a good time to me.

  7. There’s no way I would ever go shopping on Black Friday! I don’t like shopping on a normal day. But I would love to win one of the kits anyway! LOL!

  8. I love your new kits! I too will be spending Black Friday holed up in my house, nice and safe from the crazy crowd’s! I’m not brave enough, or rich enough for that matter, to shop on that day! I know I’d spend way too much on stuff I don’t really need. I do remember the first Black Friday my husband and I shopped on, though. It was 2 months after my first son was born. We bought him the cutest little fuzzy dog outfit that even had a matching hat with ears on it!:) It was definitely one of those outfits you want to put in a memory box!

  9. I’m with you! I no longer care for the rush and crowds, but most of all, the way it makes us look! To see grown people arguing and/or fighting over commercial STUFF! UGH! Last year I did the online Monday after Thanksgiving. I got tons of deals and free shipping to boot. We are also focusing less on gifts and more on family. If you see my blog, you will see our family is divided, so only part of us will be together. So sad!

    Please add me to the contest! I would love to win one of YOUR kits!
    Warm regards, Crabcakes

  10. Love the kits!! Especially Frostee!
    I don’t shop on BF, so I can’t say I’ve ever gotten a great deal. Though I might do some online shopping this year :o).

  11. So cute! I had to run to buy the Frostee, though I love Mademoiselle, too!

    About Black Friday, it depends. I don’t usually go, especially at the 5am or earlier openings! A few years ago, there was an amazing deal on a laptop, so I did have to brave Best Buy that morning (what a NIGHTMARE!) Don’t remember what the cost was, but I still use that laptop. 🙂

  12. I am new to your blog and I must say, your work is simply fabulous! I love, love, love everything!!!!!

    Warm regards,


  13. lol.
    mine’s the only not blue page up there!

  14. Love the colors on your Mademoiselle kit, just beautiful!

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