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New Blog

I have a new blog!Yay!!Please update our bookmarks and stop on over and check it out!And while your over there,be sure and sign up for my newsletter!

I will no longer be updating this blog.All my freebies and store info will be on my new blog!

See you there!



Changes For Me…

I’ve decided to leave Digital Candy.I just feel it was something that i had to do at this time.I won’t go into the details but i just cannot associate myself with such a level of unprofessionalism.But this change is a good thing as i will have some exciting news to share with you all soon!Along with this change i will be retiring a few of my kits and revamping a few as well.My Cotton Candy Kit will be retiring as of tomorrow night so be sure and grab that at 40% off while you can.Also i will be revamping my LIL Lady kit but you still have time to grab this version at 40% off!And i’m not sure what is going to come of my collab kit so if you want the entire kit,I would grab that now.Infact my entire store at Digital Candy will be 40% off until tomorrow night.

I also have a few new kits in the works which i’m excited about.I would love to have some ideas for some kits as well.So if you have an idea for me let me know.

Here is a freebie i have for you today,this was given as a participation gift for my NSD challenge so if you got that for playing my challenge you already have it. 🙂

Also,I’ve added the link for my chat attendance gift below so be sure and grab that to.

Have a great day!


Just Sickened By This!

I recently found out by Holly and Kris and a few of my blog readers that this evil person pattyf956 has been STEALING my freebies that i offer on my blog and re-uploading them to her own 4shared account to redistribute and or sell!!And also STEALING MY previews and uploading them to her own photobucket account!This infuriates me!!This is Piracy and is NOT o.k!At first i just thought she was linking my 4shared links and bypassing my blog,but have since found out it is even worse!Even if i offer my creations as a freebie it is not o.k to download them and then re-upload them to your own 4shared account and offer them to others!You are a pirate Patty and should be ashamed of yoursef!I have tried to contact her through her blog without any success,but i have notified 4shared,photobucket as well as the site that hosts her blog what this thief has done!Just because it is free doesn’t mean you can do anything you want with it,PERIOD!!!And just because it was free does not mean it didn’t take hours even days to create.How dare you claim them as your own!
I also wanted to thank the people that notified me of this problem!Being a new designer this is so disheartening to hear of. And i’m not the only one she is stealing from!Here is Jenn’s blog where you can read all about Piracy!I’m not sure what to do with my freebies now.I try to be very generous with my freebies,it’s ashame that thieves like Patty have to ruin it for everybody!!


My first Creative Team!

They are:
Ally-ally blank
Tiffany-tiffany scraps

Congrats Girls!

I received over a hundred applications and choosing was SO hard to do!I hated to have to turn anyone down.I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to apply.I was just blown away by all the talented applications i received being as i’m so new to designing.I really wish i could have choosen alot more applicants because if it was up to me and i had enough room, i would of chosen you all!


Only 3 More Days Left For My CT Call!!

I’m still taking applications for my Creative Team Call.If you haven’t already applied,WHAT are you waiting for?LOL!Details on what to submit are below!I received a ton of wonderful entries that i have been sorting through the last few days.This is going to be so hard for me to make a choice!I’m so bad at making choices!But i’ll be making an announcement on my blog this weekend with who i have chosen!
Also, a few things have changed since my original call.I’m only selling at Digital Candy now.So i would ask that you submit your creations to my gallery over at Digital Candy if you are choosen, and then any other online galleries you may have.And this is not a requirement,But i’d love for you to join our awesome community over at DC!Everyone is so awesome over there i know you will just love it!
I know alot of you have been waiting for Snazzy Boy to come out.I apologize for the delay but it is just about done!I got sidetracked with my little guy being sick and then being sick myself.Man,I’am SO ready for spring!!I will have another drawing or contest for that kit or do a 12 hr.freebie so look for that SOON!
Have a great day!

Contest Winners!!

O.k guys here are the winners of the drawing to receive my Space Sprockets Kit!
I decided to pull 5 names because my daughter doesn’t understand to just pick two!LOL!!
They are…..
1.Geri Post #6
2.Tisha Post#9
3.Megan Post#25
4.Jennifer Post#26
5.Kerilee Post#59
CONGRATS LADIES!!!!!!Please e-mail me at and I willl send you your coupon code to download the full kit!!If you didn’t win you can always grab it in my store at 30% off.This will only be on sale a few more days,So get it at that price while you can!!Also if you haven’t snagged Purple Breeze yet,be sure and do so because that link will be gone soon also.Thanks everyone for playing!And i would just love to see what you create useing this kit,Feel free to e-mail me at with your designs!!
And within the next day or so my store will be opening at DIGITAL CANDY!!And i will be having some goodies for that grand opening.Including another kit available for a 24 hour download!It’s my new Snazzy Boy kit i’m working on.It’s similar to Cotton Candy,But this one is boy friendly with loads of cool chipboard stars in browns and blue shades!If you loved Cotton Candy,Your gonna love this one just as much!So watch for that!And also a new revamped Soda Pop kit!
Also don’t forget about my CT Call!!Details are below!
I hope you all have a great week and be sure to keep checking back this week for more great freebies!

A Little Preview

I’ve been really busy working on a few new kits.I have tons of ideas going through my head!When i started this blog just under two weeks ago i never imagined it would be such a hit.I’m just in a complete shock!But at the same time,I’m so happy you all enjoy my kits because i really do enjoy making them for you!I’m a very funky scrapbooker,so i try and in cooperate that into my designs in some way.And i can’t say this enough,I really appreciate all the comments and e-mails you all have sent me,thank-you!I’m really hoping to have some great news to share with you all real soon!
Here is a preview of my newest kit i’m working on.It’s called “Soda Pop”It’s gonna be very girly and will have alot of neat things added when i’m done and some glitter here and there.I love the black,white and hot pink color combo and since i did a boy kit,it’s only fair to do a bright fun girl kit as well.

I’m also working on a baby boy and baby girl theme kit.The baby boy kit is baby blues and brown.And the baby girls kit is pink,cream and dark brown.So watch for those!And i just love those little post it notes!So fun!I have one in my boy kit and i had to throw one in this one to.You can find the tutorial for those here.If you use PSP you can pretty much do it in there as well.

Have a great day!